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Talk4Longer is fast, easy, cheap or even free to use so what are you waiting for? The best thing about this is that you do not need to join or sign up to us at all. This gives you the ability to make your international phone calls from any land line or mobile phone in the UK to anywhere in the world, with really bargain price's we are the number one place.

Latest Updates on International Calling Services

New UK Domain:


News on Free International Calls

We Have Switched!

To offer even better services to people in UK, we(Talk4Longer) have switched to a new domain !

Our running services and products will not be effected meanwhile.

Free calls to India


News on Free International Calls

We are still unable to offer the free service to India as it was. However since this morning we allow customer to call India on 0845 but the call duration is limited to 2.5minutes. You can redial as many times as you wish.

It is a temporary measure until the price drops again.

Please retest your number and contact us if you have any problems.

Rates change for direct dial and top up services


Updates of Cheap Calls Service

Due to a price hike by our carriers at short notice, we apologize for the short notice but we have recently had to make rate increases to a small number of destinations following; we can assure that these increases have been kept to a minimum.

Please see the affected destinations and rates below:

Top Up

Iraq & Iraq Baghdad - 11p
Serbia & Serbia Kosovo - 14.5p
Ukraine Mobile - 20p

Direct Dial

France Mobile - 3p
Iraq & Iraq Baghdad - 7p
Serbia & Serbia Kosovo - 7p
Ukraine Mobile - 15p

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